Luke Johnson

Full Stack Developer

Hello and welcome to my portfolio site!

My name is Luke and among other things I am programmer and designer. I mostly design and build websites or add functionality to existing sites.

I have been programming since I was teenager. I started out by making little programs in BASIC and then started making little video games with Game Maker. In high school I took some web development courses and feel in love with it.

I got my professional start at my universities marketing department which handles all of the sites that the university has. I was first hired on to do simple things such as building web sites with a drag and drop builder or manually checking links but after I proved my technical ability I started working under the web programming lead developing new functionality for the CMS and other cool projects.

Now since I’ve graduated college I’ve been doing freelance work as a web developer. I am always pushing myself to learn more and grow. So far this has been a rewarding experience.

My other passions include music, video game development/design, and self-actualization. Also on the weekends I do a bit of life coaching because I enjoy helping others be at there best and feel positive as well as motivated.