Luke Johnson


Hello and welcome to my portfolio site!

Here you will find examples of my work in web programming, video, music, and art.

I have worked as a web programmer for three years now. While doing that I have taken on various freelance gigs. Doing video editing, sound design, and freelance web development.

I graduated from Michigan Technological University with an Associate in Humanities and a Minor In Computer Science. I really enjoyed my time there and I am grateful for the education I did receive. While there I started my own club, became the president of my freshman year dorm hall, volunteered to teach science to kids with the org Mind Trekkers, traveled to NYC twice for the AES conference, participated in the Winter Hackathon, got a job as a web programmer as well as a video editor, got an internship at a sound design studio, and eventually I got my own apartment. I believe I made the most of my time there.

I currently mainly work as a web programmer. I have a few freelance clients that I have built sites for. I have worked at Michigan Technological University as a web programmer since April of 2017. I have helped build up there new CMS that they switched to. Since they are a university they use an enterprise CMS called OU Campus. Which is very different than WordPress. I have learned so much from that job, and a lot of those skills I learned from there have helped build my own sites and my client’s sites.

I really enjoy making websites. I like to make simple but beautiful sites that pop. I want the site to feel like a piece of art. Like a lot of love and thought was put into it. Web development and design allows me to combine the two joys of technical and creative work.

I also completed a Life and Spiritual Coaching certification program from the Life Purpose Institute.  I have found that spiritual/personal development is one of my biggest passions in life along with being creative. So, with that certification, I have officially launched my own coaching practice called Divine Star Coaching. It is one of my greatest joys to see my clients grow and shift and heal from there emotional pain.

On top of this, I am also a musician. I play guitar, bass, and sing a bit. I also make electronic music and I am very good with music editing software like Logic Pro X. I was in the marching band in high school and taught myself to play guitar when I was thirteen. I also started teaching myself to program when I was thirteen as well. Those passions feel like they have always been with me. As of now, I have not released too much but I hope to release an album I have been working on in the future.

If you would like to work with me please send me a message through the contact page.

Thank you!